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Jan 29, 2013 12:00pm EST
stick up for this, but i think that the -- what treasury said and there was some defense of this, which is you have to pay people to keep them at their firms. >> that's always been the line. >> that has been the line. >> top talent -- >> i can see david recoiling over there. >> as long as you take the money away from them when they screw up big-time, i'm all for that principle. we didn't do that the first part of the equation. >> i'm trying to get myself more popular. i think that's the problem is that the money was there for them when they collapsed and now they're getting paid big. >> during the a.i.g. bailout a big problem was actually the retention of these top executives because what you were trying to do is basically, you know, die construct all these massive problems that they had that were right at the structural level of our economy and had they not been there and had they not fixed it, we would have all had big problems, but now a.i.g. is a profitable company. they came out of it. everybody is better for it. you know, on the enforcement piece of this, i will say that pa
Jan 28, 2013 12:00pm EST
of this week are how secret -- how skresy rules are prevent says defense lawyers from doing their job from being able to communicate with each other and with their clients, and whether or not the judge will grant a defense request to preserve the cia black sites at which the defendants were tortured overseas. the government says it's not necessary. the reasons the government thinks that's not necessary are secret. they're claiming it's classified, and it's withheld from the public. >> i want to bring in our panel here. sam. the president is obviously at a constitutional law professor, and we have talked on this show about how little discussion there has been from the left on issues of national security given the lengths and the breadth, the scope of secret si surrounding the president's national security apparatus. i do want to bring in the drone piece. kerry alluded to the use of drones in u.s. foreign policy this his hearing. >> president obama and every one of us here knows that american foreign policy is not defined by drones and deployments alone. we cannot allow the extraordinar
Jan 31, 2013 12:00pm EST
>> today chuck hagel, nominee for secretary of defense, began his confirmation hearings by running a mine field set by members of his own party beginning with senator james inhoff, republicans set their traps, some of which didn't even have the right bait. >> in 2001 you were one of four senators who refused to sign the letter supporting israel. are those accurate? >> i want to ask the letter that you just noted in your fifth point. what was the date in the letter? >> the date? >> you said i refused to sign a letter. >> it was october of 2001. >> a letter to? >> okay. skip that one. are the other ones true? >> it is fairly important. >> thinly vailed as an exploration of his foreign policy positions, the game was more gotcha than global strategy. >> but i'll -- >> sdeshs your judgment as to whether you were right or wrong about the search. >> i'll explain why i made those comments. >> i want to know if they were right or wrong. that's a direct question. i expect a direct answer. >> if you would like me to explain why. >> i actually would like an answer. yes or no. >> well, i'm not
Feb 1, 2013 9:00am PST
pain. to hear more of phyllis's story, visit >>> a new secretary of defense or a new -- it's friday, february 1st, and this is "now." >>> joining me today political -- well, the first word i'm tripping up on the first word. politico senior white house reporter glenn thrush. national news editor for the morning times sam sifton, kiran simone and the always buzzy ben smith. for eight hours yesterday senate republicans directed their sharpest lines of inquiry towards defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. it's too bad most of it had nothing to do with the against defense department or what chuck hagel's record really says about what he might do with the defense department or really what chuck hagel's record actually is. freshman senator and deputy gum shoe ted cruz looked for needles in a haystack, parsing fragments of hagel's quotes circa 2006. >> in a speech on the floor of the senate you referred to israel's military campaign against the terrorist group hezbollah as a "sickening slaughter." now, i would suggest the characterizations. do you think it's right that israe
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
little to reveal anything substantive about chuck hagel, defense secretary, the pink panther style sleuthing did reveal much about their feelings regarding barack obama, president. of the many, many actually relevant items left largely off the table? not one question about drones, despite the fact the u.s. has carried out 362 drone strikes since 2004. troop suicides, of which there were as many as 349 last year alone were mentioned twice. rapes inside the military estimated at 19,000 per year got five passing mentions. while israel was brought up 166 times yesterday, afghanistan, the longest running war in american history, and one that has cost almost 2,000 american lives was brought up 20 times. glen thrush, i ask you, the hearings yesterday, were they ever even meant to be hearings, or was it a trial for the obama administration? >> i was just struck by the great positive energy that chuck hagel was giving off at these hearings. didn't he look like he had just been abduct and pushed out of a moving vehicle? >> he was facing eight hours of questioning that as we showed at the beg
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)